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Self Harm & Mutilation 
Self Harm?
Self injury is a way of dealing with strong emotions and can include anything from cutting, burning, hitting or mutilating your own body.
Some see self harm as trendy, as a thing to do but for some it is a real problem and a definite addiction.
Self harm can be caused by many things including the following:
  • An unsettled history of abuse
  • Not knowing how to cope with stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • A need to feel in control
  • Mental health issues, i.e. depression, OCD
  • Wanting to get attention
  • Peer Pressure
  • Loneliness and fear
Teen self harm is dangerous, leaving physical and emotional scars, and can lead to serious injury or death. Self harm is not a suicide attempt nbut it can lead to this if someone cuts themselves in the wrong place.
Spotting Self Harming.
Signs of self harming are:
  • Unexplained injuries, cuts, scratched, burns or bruises
  • Making excuses for injuries, scars or marks
  • embarrassment or ashamed of their injuries
  • Wearing long sleeves in hot weather
  • Secretiveness or withdrawal
  • Low self esteen
  • A history of eating disorders
  • Having trouble dealing with emotions
Self harm if often addictive and can become increasingly serious. It can be stopped but usually you will need specialist help to do this to tackle the reasons that made you self harm.

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