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What is a Gang?
A gang can be a group of friends that all like doing the same things. The word takes on a new meaning when a group of friends gets involved in criminal activity.
Although it is not illegal to be a member of a gang much of the activity that criminal street gangs get caught up in is.
Why be in a Gang?
  • It’s exciting, give me something to do.
  • My friends are already involved.
  • I like the fact I belong to a group.
  • I like having the power over people.
  • I make money.
  • I get protection from other gangs/people.
  • I want to defend my territory – protecting my area/endz
  • I get respect from other people.
    Getting out of a Gang?
    If you are worried about getting out of a gang it is best to talk with someone you trust, making sure that they are not part of your gang. Try taking on lots of new hobbies so that you are kept busy, meaning you will have less time to hang around with the gangs with a good excuse. Joining other clubs and groups will also give you the best chance of meeting new people.
    If you have decided to leave a gang you have already overcome the hardest part - believe in yourself that you will be able to move on.

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