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Cyberbullying & Bullying 
What is Cyber-Bullying?
Cyber bullying is when someone uses the internet or mobiles to deliberately upset someone else. This is a form of bullying and you shouldn’t have to put up with it.
By using technology like mobiles or the internet, this type of bullying can affect someone not just at the Academy, but at home as well. Because it takes place in the virtual world, it has a 24/7 nature and can make someone feel upset or threatened in their own home.
It can sometimes be hard to identify who the cyberbully is because they could block their number or post things on a website anonymously. The nature of this type of bullying means it can have a large audience, many of whom may not even realise they are being bullies.
A positive thing about this kind of bullying is that it can be evidenced. With normal bullying, it can be one person’s word against another’s, but with cyberbullying you can save texts or print our emails / IM’s / WebPages. This can be used as proof to catch the bully and stop them upsetting someone; this could be you or a friend.
What can you do?
If you know someone that is being cyberbullied or have seen nasty profiles or messages going around, it is your duty to report it. Cyberbullying is really scary for the person being bullied as the audience can be huge, loads of people could be seeing the mean things that have been said and done. If you see anything that looks like cyberbullying, it is your duty to report it. Tell an adult you trust about what is going on and they will be able to help offer support to the person who is being bullied.
Don’t participate in forwarding pictures, messages or insults about a person. You may think it is a joke, but you could be really upsetting the person involved and even commiting a crime. To look at or forward this sort of stuff means you are contributing to cyberbullying.
Standing back and letting it happen can be just as bad. If you are worried that someone is getting threatened or hurt by others, offer them support or inform an adult you trust so they can help make it stop.
Always respect other people and be aware of what you’re sending and receiving whilst online.
What is Bullying?
Bullying is when you harm someone over and over again, this could be calling them names, hitting them, stealing from them or even leaving them out of things. It doesn’t just happen at school – it can happen anywhere.
Effects of Bullying?
There’s a fine line between bullying and crime. Bullying can easily spill over and become serious crimes like robbery, assault or even murder (beating someone up after calling them names).
The effect of bullying on the victim can be severe as some people have commit suicide because of the bullying.
If you believe you are being bullied, say this; "It's Cool to CRI"
Confront the Bully. Tell the Bully to stop. Tell the Bully how you feel. Remember, Bullies bully because they can – so don't let them bully you.
Record the Bullying. Keep a log of the Bullying. Start a diary. Keep a record.
Inform someone. Tell a responsible person. Tell a Teacher. Tell an adult.

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